The FAW Premier cup may not have been played for almost the 10 years but this site was set up as sort of a shrine to the short running competition run by the football Association of Wales for approximately 10 years. Just just 16 Welsh clubs competed in all of the running 11 seasons.

Initially the competition started off with free Welsh clubs playing against for league of Wales clubs (now known as the Welsh Premier league). From 2004 to 2005 the competition even expanded to involve 16 clubs from the Welsh Premier league plus the top two finishers from the Welsh cup as well as Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham.

1999 Cup Final – Just look at all those empty seats!

The competition had its own prize fund. Although not big compared to today’s massive financial sums it was pretty good for a small-time Welsh club. Each semifinalist would receive £25,000. The semifinalist £50,000 and the winner would receive £100,000. Any televised matches would also see both clubs receiving a split on the television rights. Even though the competition has finished you can still get involved by playing on bet365, read our review here.

The competition was televised on BBC Wales for several years until eventually they withdrew their sponsorship due to lack of interest.

Wrexham was the most successful in this cup winning all but 3 cup finals. Although the 1999 welsh FAW Premiercup no longer exists you can still stream football through sites like bet365